My friend (who was originally just my co-worker’s wife but became my friend after said co-worker thought we would enjoy each other’s company) and I would get together every once in a while. We would try to watch a movie, but we just talked over it. This is a problem if you’ve never seen the movie and WANT to see it.

However, we discovered that if we watched horribly cheesy movies, we could talk over them like in MST3K (or Mystery Science Theater 3000 for those non-geek speaks) and still gather the plot completely.

And thus began our tradition of bad movie night. And now I want to share the movies we have seen that are particularly horrible, especially if you too would like to begin such a tradition:

1. Bring It On (1,2,3…)


Cheerleaders at their finest—dancing and cheering and cat fights ending at the national competition. Pretty much the best thing ever.

2. In Time


No matter how hot Justin Timberlake is, he couldn’t save this movie.

3. Beauty and the Briefcase

Oh Lizzie McGuire. I sure did miss you. But this one was pretty predictable and forgettable. So forgettable that I had to look up the plot on Wikipedia. I seemed to have erased you.


4. My Future Boyfriend

There’s something about ABC Family where they make phenomenally ridiculous movies. This one may have topped them all. Although it was awesome to see Barry Watson again (loved him in 7th Heaven and then in Samantha Who), the first kiss was not my favorite… but it has been a year since I watched it so maybe it wasn’t so bad.


And so… after all that, might I recommend you watch Pitch Perfect to make you laugh and probably forget those movies that you spent time watching?

What would be on your bad movie list?