Yesterday morning I finished reading Amy Webb’s Data, A Love Story: How I Cracked the Online Dating Code to Meet My Match (and yes, I almost formatted that to be in APA style because I’ve worked too much on my grad school portfolio).

When I started online dating a year ago, I found that I was pretty unsuccessful. I emailed with a few guys and gave a couple of them my number but only one guy asked me out and the date was fine, but there wasn’t much interest. After my experiment of 3 months, I gave it a rest and deleted all of my accounts because I had school and work and figured that something will happen when it’s supposed to.

I started online dating again because it’s been awhile since I’ve had a date. But then, I found this Ted Talk by Amy Webb:

[ted id=1833]

And I realized that if I was going to do this, I needed to learn from Amy. So I bought her book.

Instead of being the usual “be the person you want to date” advice, she actually uses observations to say what you need to do. She also advises that you make a list of the “Mary Poppins” husband. What do you want in a man? This is a very good question and one that I’ve struggled with. I don’t want to be seen as “too picky” but is it really awful to have some guidance? If I’m going to live with this man for the rest of my life, I can afford to ask for some specific qualities.

Next, I changed my greetings and my profile info. I didn’t lie. I just scaled back and simplified and focused on what I like to do and not what I do for work and school. I’ll let you know how it goes…

If you’re single and looking to tackle online dating, I highly recommend that you pick up this book and see what it can do for you.