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Movies in 2015 That I Can’t Wait To See

Movies in 2015 That I Can’t Wait To See

Every year during January, I take a visit to IMDB to scope out the movies that are coming at during the year. I get excited—thrilled to be plotting out my year and picking which movies I’m going to love. Here’s my list of movies in 2015 that I’m dying to see:

Ultimate Christmas Mix CD

Siri told me a couple of days ago that it is twenty-nine days until Christmas. Even though Thanksgiving hadn’t yet arrived, it seemed right that I started spreading the good cheer with 1) putting my Christmas tree up and 2) replacing my regular music with my Christmas selection. As such, I decided it’s important to have the right mix of Christmas…

Archie and the Gang are Coming to TV in Riverdale

There are some things about my youth that I’m still not willing to admit in any public forum—like my musical tastes. But I will admit that I spent plenty of my allowance on Archie Comics. I loved Archie. And Betty. Veronica wasn’t my favorite, but I still read the comics. In fact, I still think that one day, when I’m married,…

Do We Really Need More Sexy Halloween Costumes?

I should begin by saying that I dislike Halloween. I don’t know whether it’s the exorbitant amount of candy that we supply kids or the having to find a clever costume and dress up for the endless amounts of parties, but I just don’t like it. Or maybe it’s because my mother didn’t like to spend a lot of money…