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Best Hallmark Movies

I’m a sucker for a cheesy Hallmark movie. Sometimes on a Saturday night, I just pray that there’s either a repeat of a Hallmark movie or a new one just so I have something to watch and enjoy. And maybe sometimes I watch them and don’t recommend them for Bad Movie Nights… because I kind of just want the romance…

Who Am I

It’s such a deep question: Who am I? Hasn’t man been asking that question of himself since the beginning? I’m pretty sure that he has. Even Jean Valjean has sung that question. So maybe at 31, I’ve been trying really hard to answer that question for myself. It’s been a little difficult, but I think I found the answer…. Alright, fine….

Bad Movie Night

My friend (who was originally just my co-worker’s wife but became my friend after said co-worker thought we would enjoy each other’s company) and I would get together every once in a while. We would try to watch a movie, but we just talked over it. This is a problem if you’ve never seen the movie and WANT to see…

Jane Austen and the Single Girl

Why do single girls love Jane Austen? I think it’s a phenomenon that men and women have been trying to explain for a long time. Is it because of the men? Is it because we wish to express ourselves in a world where wit and honesty are more valued than beauty and fluff? “There is a stubbornness about me that…