Here’s another episode from the Angsty College Student and the Hip Aunt:


Recently, I was hand selected to test out this awesome app for my alma mater’s football team.

Not only was I getting a first look at the app, I was also promised that if I used it for every game and provided good feedback, I would be invited to go to dinner with the football team. I could also bring a guest.

I shared the news with my niece. She immediately stated that she would be my plus one.

“But you don’t even LIKE football,” I said.

“I like free food.”

I’ve been testing the app out and desperately trying to educate her on the finer points of football. I refuse to allow her to accompany me if she’s going to embarrass me. I quiz her regularly on some of the players and their positions.

During one of our mini-lessons, I must have sounded exasperated and said something to the effect of: “How can you be so ignorant when it comes to football? Your brothers watch this sport!”

“I’m not ignorant, merely uninterested,” she replied with so much confidence. I had to laugh.

She has done little to learn more and I’ve accepted that she probably won’t memorize the information.

Our new game is to see how many football players mistake me for a college student during dinner.