I should begin by saying that I dislike Halloween. I don’t know whether it’s the exorbitant amount of candy that we supply kids or the having to find a clever costume and dress up for the endless amounts of parties, but I just don’t like it. Or maybe it’s because my mother didn’t like to spend a lot of money so my costumes were often recycled from whatever my older siblings wore.


As Halloween creeps closer, I tend to check out the costume merchandise and dream about what I would dress up if I had a place to go and money. I’ve come to expect that there will be this market for sexy costumes. All of my childhood cartoons — Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Minnie Mouse, Sleeping Beauty — seriously, they all have become sexy costumes.

This year I fully expected the Frozen costumes — Anna and Elsa — however, I was shocked to learn that Olaf… the loveable, huggable, funny snowman has been turned into a sexy Halloween costume.

Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A:


I think we have finally reached a point where we need to back up and start over again. Olaf as a sexy costume? Just No. No. No.

Liz Lemon - No

Why do people think that Halloween is the time of year when we need to dress in less clothes than normal? Seriously. Just because we get to dress up does not mean that we should be dressing in less clothing. Besides, let’s not forget that October 31st is the dead of Fall. It’s cold. COLD! Kids wear sweatshirts over their costumes. The aforementioned Olaf would not be an outdoor costume. And there’s really nothing sexy about Olaf. He just likes warm hugs.

I’ll accept that Alice in Wonderland could be still sexy (I think that’s wrong, but whatever) however I think it’s important that we rethink this whole sexy costume thing.