Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

His birthday is January 15th, but in 1983, Ronald Reagan signed a bill making the third Monday of January a national holiday.

Searches for MLK’s important “I Have a Dream speech” must go up around this day. It’s a moving speech and one that people should watch often.

On Saturday night, I watched “The Butler“. I’m a sucker for any historical movie and although I cannot even begin to comprehend the history of the African-American, I still believe that MLK’s dream is proving true. I’m sure we have a long way to go before perfect equality exists.

But that’s the beautiful thing about dreams. They are always being rewritten and achieved if we dream the right way.

I went to my pinterest board full of my favorite quotes and discovered that I love this idea of dreaming:

Dreaming is a part of the human existence. Everyone dreams. Big dreams, small dreams. Dogs have dreams. Cats must dream.

We all dream. But we can make our dreams real. We can change our lives by living our dreams.

So what will be your dream today?