Being in a rather large family and being the youngest has its’ perks. My siblings have vacation homes and plenty of toys that I now get to enjoy without having spending money. (I’ve flown a drone. Not many people get to say that!)

Because I’ve now reached the lofty age of 31, I’m more trustworthy to watch the kids and am allowed take the nice cars out for a spin and not get into an accident. However with these benefits, I still have come to loathe the November-December timeline.

It’s hard to not feel like a burden in the holidays. The family is all gathered round the table and I feel like I’m intruding on an otherwise wonderful evening.


Thanksgiving is harder than the rest because I have no excuse to head to my parents’ home when a mere three weeks later I’ll be returning. So usually I find myself preparing myself for the inevitable begging that has to occur—

The plan is usually to go home to my parents’ house for Christmas. However, every other year, the siblings are at the in-laws so Mom and Dad consider heading to someone else’s house. They go back and forth and consider which sibling would be willing to not only take the two of them in but myself as well. You see, I’m homeless for the holidays if Mom and Dad don’t stay home.

I have nowhere to go.

A couple of years ago, I was invited to go to my sister-in-law’s family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I spent the afternoon/evening trying to find a quiet corner where I could sit and read my book. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that quiet spot. I was suckered into a Thanksgiving trivia session. The family talent show happened while I dug into the pies.

This year, I sent a note off to a different sister-in-law and felt like I was begging to be allowed to visit. They graciously and enthusiastically welcomed me. It was a relief to have some place to go and maybe change-up the holiday.

So as the holidays approach, consider inviting your single siblings or friends to join in your festivities during the holidays. Didn’t we learn anything from Macaulay Culkin? No one really wants to be alone for Christmas.