Four and a half months ago, I realized that I was in trouble. Well, not big trouble. But trouble with a lowercase “t”.

I had plenty of credit card debt and a need to buy clothes ALL the time online. If there was a sale, I was there. This meant that my dream of purchasing a house or finding a place without a roommate seemed like something that could happen but not in the near future.


I finally took the first step and went to my friend who is brilliant with money. Her bachelor’s is in Finance. I told her my problem and that I needed to get out of debt. I wanted freedom. I wanted to meet these goals. How could I do it?

She created a spreadsheet for me that I was to fill out.

One sheet had all of my liabilities: my credit cards, my small school loan from my parents and my car payment.

Another spreadsheet listed all the goals I wanted: how much I wanted to save for a down payment on a home and how soon I wanted to get out of debt.

We discussed which credit card I should start paying down first. It was the one with the highest interest rate.

I also had to create a budget for myself and stick to it. I had a set amount of money I could spend that week, so I created a note in my Google Keep that had the total amount and then each time I spent money, I’d subtract from the total.

Four months after beginning, I was out of debt. And I’m on my way to saving for the house (or a big move—whichever happens to come first). And I still have purchased some new clothes. I’ve just also accepted that maybe I need to wear out the old ones before buying the new ones.