In trying to find a title, I just tried to find some song lyrics about change. It didn’t help.

For some people, change is a dreaded word. They struggle with the unknown and the myriad of decisions that come with change. Others embrace it. They can’t stand in one place for longer than 10 minutes before they need change—whether it’s a change in scenery or a change in music—something needs to change.


I like to believe I fall somewhere in the middle.

Change used to be terrifying. Freshman year in college? I took so many trips home to California that it was pretty much like I had never left. I finally got over it.

My mission? Yeah, every six weeks was a stress-filled time of trying to figure out if I was going to stay in an area or leaving. On top of that was the question of companions (there were some that you wanted and some . . .) and the new missionaries to the district. A lot of sleepless nights happened around transfer Sunday/Monday.

I’ve come to figure out how to deal with change. I just do different levels of change:

First is cutting my hair. It’s easy and if I hate it, it’ll grow back. (But with my hairdresser, I rarely hate my haircut).

Mindy Project Haircut

Second is to go shopping. Hairstyles and clothes? These are things that are easily changeable. (Also, I’ve learned that you can sell your clothes on Ebay and make money off of them. Or be kind and donate to places like Deseret Industries.


Third is to look for a new job. I said look, not find. I put my resumé out there and dabble in the possibilities. I talk to my brothers to either get advice or to be told to stay where I’m at. I start to consider where I want to be. Sometimes this helps me recognize what it is that I need to change in my current job.

Fourth is to consider a vacation. Again, we dwell in possibilities. Go to Boston and see if I would like to live there. Why not? I’m young, I can do those things.

Fifth is to find a new place to live. House hunting is such a drag but if we’re considering a change, it doesn’t hurt to start looking around.

I’m still proud of myself when I make changes. A couple of years ago I wrote the following Facebook status:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 5.47.48 PM

By that day in 2013, I had done all of those things.

So I can change… when I want to. It just takes some time for me to want it enough to change.