The hazard of doing online dating is that guys look you up before your first date. My many dating stories are still in the draft folder and might be allowed to see the real world one day when I finally withdraw from the dating scene (whether by choice or simply old age).

I was lamenting to my niece about this fact. She suggested that I start blogging about our adventures and all the witty things that she says. She said that it would be called “the angsty college student and the hip aunt.”

6a00d83452063e69e201a511d0eaae970c(Please note that we look nothing like this picture… except I am blond and wear glasses)

Previously, I’ve expressed how awesome it is to be the youngest in a family with (mostly) grown-up siblings. One of the best benefits is that for the older nieces and nephews, I take on a rare role — the hip aunt. I’m beyond cool. I know the ins and outs of their world because I’m the one who most recently navigated it. I’m the one who understands WHY they would want to use Snapchat because I myself have been adding videos and testing out features regularly.

With all of that information, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that my niece is in college. Actually, she’s a junior in college. I never got to have a little sister so my niece has become that. She gets our weird family dynamics because she has experienced them firsthand and is in as deep as I am. I’m still trying to figure out what “being an aunt” means with the new little nieces and nephews who have arrived. But for the older ones, I just love that it means being a friend.

My niece and I like to see how long it takes people to ask if we’re cousins or sisters or best friends.

Then we have two reactions:

I usually pump my fists in the air in enthusiastic jubilee. These people have shaved YEARS off my life because they think I’m FAR younger than I am. It is a victory of epic proportions in my life that requires a celebratory action (I don’t dance. Unless I’m cleaning my house.)

On the other hand, my niece has a nice script that she has rehearsed: “Actually, she’s my aunt. She’s only like eleven years older than me. She’s closer to my age than she is to my dad — her own brother.”

Yep. She kills all my celebration by always reminding me that I’m old. Usually, she shrugs and says, “You could be a grad student. There are grad students in my classes.” While others think I look 23, she’s only willing to shave five years off my age. I try not to be hurt.

Regardless, we’re pretty good friends. I’d venture to say best friends, but I fear that I’m speaking for myself and not the angsty college student. Maybe one day she’ll make an appearance and share her own thoughts.

But to give you a little taste of what to expect, let’s talk about our most recent adventure. As a current college student (her) and an alumna to the same school (me), we feel that we must show some school spirit. Because angsty college student hates football, our chosen sport is basketball.

While watching a rather boring exhibition game, I leaned over to my niece and told her that I thought she should consider dating one of the players. He seemed rather easy on the eyes and not too tall. He was also performing pretty well. My niece noted his abilities and then said, “his shoulders are pleasing to look at.” Apparently, a fine pair of shoulders is a top priority for millennials in 2015, much like a fine pair of eyes in Jane Austen’s days.

Now that I’ve introduced us, you can look forward to the next adventure of the Angsty College Student and the Hip Aunt.