I’m starting a monthly feature where I share with you all the things that I loved this month — my current highs. Because I should be reflecting on the good, not the bad, right?



It seems obvious that I start here. I’m trying to read 52 books this year and although GoodReads tells me I’m on pace to finish, I’m still nervous that it’s not going to happen.

Queen of the Tearling

queen of the tearling book cover

This month, I spent some time with Queen of the Tearling. I think I put it in my to-read list when I heard that Emma Watson was going to star in the movie version. It finally arrived at the library and I read all 400 pages. I enjoyed it so much (except for the liberal uses of the F-word). I really enjoyed it.

The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder

cinder the lunar chronicles marissa meyer

For Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me Cinder. I was unsure of it when I started. It didn’t matter that Doctor Who had prepared me for cyborgs. And I fell in love with it. It was delightful and amusing and a unique retelling of Cinderella.

TV Shows

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

brooklyn nine-nine jake smiling

It’s hilarious. My confession is that I’ve never watched SNL. I’ve seen a couple of skits, but never watched it. I’ve fallen in love with Andy Samberg — right up until my sister-in-law posted his picture on her Instagram calling him her “busy season boyfriend” (my brother works late nights during certain times of the year). Her friends jumped in that Jake Peralta looks like my brother. That ended my crush. But I still love the show!

Parks and Recreation


I finally watched Parks and Rec and although it took some time to get into it, I found that I fell in love with the show. More specifically, I fell in love with Ben Wyatt. I don’t know if it’s because sometimes I am Ben Wyatt (quiet, unassuming nerd) or if because I’m still seeking for a Ben Wyatt, either way I adored him and this show.


Far From the Madding Crowd


If you love Jane Austen or Poldark or basically any BBC period drama, you’re going to LOVE this movie. I love this movie and it’s the perfect movie to curl up for in time for Valentine’s Day. I actually bought the book so I’m curious to see how closely the movies follows the book (but not matter what, that won’t diminish my love for the movie).

Grease: Live

GREASE: LIVE: (L-R): Keke Palmer, Kether Donohue, Julianne Hough, Andrew Call, Carly Rae Jespen, Carlos PenaVega Aaron Tveit, David Del Rio, Jordan Fisher and Vanessa Hudgens in GREASE: LIVE airing LIVE Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 (7:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. Cr: Tommy Garcia/FOX

Nothing can be better than getting with a group of your friends and watching a live show on television. Especially one like Grease. It took us an extra two days to finally watch it and we were enthralled. Aaron Tveit was very good and Julianna Hough was a great Sandy (plus we loved all the references to Utah).


It seems like this entire month I’ve been so busy that I barely have had time to try new recipes from Pinterest. But I did try a breakfast burrito bowl with butternut squash. One would think that perhaps this dish isn’t really a breakfast food, but I have no qualms about breakfast for dinner (or lunch!). It was delicious. I highly recommend it.

I also tried a potato salad recipe from Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown. I made a few modifications (like maybe adding some cheese) but it’s definitely a quick and easy meal. Plus I discovered I can buy a bag of baby potatoes so I’m not overwhelmed with potatoes for weeks!


I will admit that I have been dancing around to Meghan Trainor’s “Better When I’m Dancin'” and anxiously awaiting when I can dance around the house with my nieces and nephews.

When I’m not listening to music and dancing around, I’m currently listening to Love Life with Matthew Hussey podcast.

What were your favorite parts of January?