I emailed my friend a couple of weeks ago and asked her what she was doing for Valentine’s. It just sounded SO depressing to be home alone on Valentine’s. Luckily, she invited me to a movie with her and her sister. They had decided on A Winter’s Tale.

A Winter's Tale

I was skeptical. Really skeptical. In fact, I had a few other movies in mind that I would have rather gone to see, but I like seeing my friends and I also didn’t want to be lame, so I went.

And maybe spent the movie making obnoxious remarks that had my friend and her sister laughing. (Spoilers abound…)

So… what was this movie about? I honestly don’t really understand. At first, I thought it was a romance. And then it became a story about God v. the Devil (who apparently is Will Smith? I was REALLY confused on that one…). And then it was about Good v. Evil. And then it was about miracles. Pretty much, I was at a loss the entire time.

Colin Farrell was easy on the eyes, and who doesn’t miss Lady Sybil, because I was glad to see her (although her nightgown could have used a slip or a robe).

My sister-in-law pointed out to me a few years back that I’m similar to my brother—when we get frustrated, we lay the sarcasm down pretty thick. So I was at my finest during this movie. The best was when Colin and Sybil “get it on” and I leaned over and said, “And now she’s going to die after they had sex.” Sure enough… Then I turned back to my friend’s sister and said, “Maybe you should bring the young women to this. Show them the consequences to pre-marital sex.” (Note: when reading this, please lay the sarcasm on strongly during that last quote. For the record: No, I do not believe you will die from having sex before marriage. But I do believe in chastity).

Anyways, the story wrapped up decently and it wasn’t terrible. But I would never watch the movie again. Wait, I may. Just for bad movie night.

My recommendation? Save your money. Maybe Redbox when it comes out if you feel like you must watch it.

Okay. Your turn. What did you think about it?