No, seriously. Just go see it. That’s my review.

Oh, you want more? Fine.

I’ll tell you how magical it is. How truly magical it is with only having a touch of magic.

Lily James is beautiful and stunning as Ella.


She made me love her. Cinderella has never been my favorite Disney princess. In fact, I kind of forget about her. But this movie has transformed Ella into one of my favorites. She’s smart, beautiful, kind, and patient—qualities I wish I developed more. I loved that her desires are simple—not extravagant. She also spoke her mind when it came to this man in the woods.

Speaking of the man in the woods…

Richard Madden as Kit

Okay, legitimately, I fell in love with him. From his little tummy (yes, I’ve seen it enough times to be drawn away from his eyes and face to notice his adorable paunch. I know—he’s probably sticking out his tummy to straighten his posture, but still…).

Prince Kit is remarkable. He listens to Ella, takes her advices, changes for the better, and doesn’t stop until he finds her. Sure, sometimes I hate boys who keep moving on hoping to find Ella who fits the glass slipper, but at the same time, he already knows EXACTLY who he is looking for. He’s seen her, talked with her, been changed by her. I love when she arrives to try on the shoe—he already knows that it’s her.

Lady Tremaine. She is definitely an underrated villain in the cartoon. With the same actress voicing her and Maleficient, I recognize that the latter overshadows the former, but still—Cate Blanchett has brought new life to this villain.

Lady Tremaine Drusilla Anastasia

I also loved the Victorian look. The big dresses. The beautiful house that Ella lived in. It was magical without being too magic.

The transformation of Cinderella with the fairy godmother? It’s pretty amazing. With just a touch of magic.


Yes, you need to go. If you don’t want to go by yourself, I’m more than happy to go with you.

Ella and Prince

I really can’t wait for the DVD.