I know you enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. So, we’re going to finish out the week with the other TV shows that I watch.


The middle of the week. Sometimes it’s kind of awful. But for me, it might be the best night of television shows. Followed by Thursday.


I’m not a big superhero type of TV watcher. I maybe watched Smallville for a season or two but admittedly, I was pretty sick of Clark and Lana. Over my Christmas break back in December, I decided to give Arrow a try. Here’s the reasons why: Stephen Amell and the fact that there is a character named Laurel—Pronounced properly. Not “Lau—RELLE” like everyone in Utah pronounces my name, but “Loral” like how it’s supposed to be.

I gave it a bit of time… a few episodes. It was okay. And then Felicity Smoak showed up. And I loved her. Because Laurel Lance may have my name, but Felicity Smoak has my personality.

Go forth and watch.


This is my guilty pleasure. I mean at some point I’ve hated EVERY character on this show… except Deacon. He’s the only redeeming character in the whole group because he doesn’t pretend that he’s good. He just is. And then he has his weaknesses. But really, I’m there for the music. I love country music and this show has some great tunes and fabulous singers.



And… another guilty pleasure. I may not continue after this season. It just depends on how much more sex I can stand. But I did fall in love with Bash in the meantime.



As usual for me, I found Suits before anyone else. At the time, I was working with copyrights and loved watching lawyers in action. Add that a couple of hot guys? I’m sold. But now, I love the characters. I love the wit and the drama and I just can’t see me not watching this show. Love it. And maybe I dream of having a Harvey Spector in my life.



My friend/co-worker introduced me to this show. I started watching a year ago. And I love it. I love the realistic portrayal of family life. I love that they laugh and cry together. It’s endearing.

Parenthood - Season 4

Saving Hope

Medical dramas aren’t my favorite. I cringe at the sight of blood. But I loved this storyline. Charlie is in a coma and wanders the halls of the hospital where he worked and is able to see and view what is happening around. It’s only in its second season and now only playing in Canada, but I loved it.

White Collar

Neal Cafferty.



Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell.

Excitement. Humor. Mystery.

What more could you honestly ask for.


When Calls the Heart

I think we’ve established that I love Hallmark movies. I really do. So when Hallmark decides to make a TV show I’ll give it a go, knowing FULL well that I’m going to be all giddy. Every Sunday morning, I’d sit and eat breakfast and watch the newest episode. It’s cheesy and sometimes annoying, but I love it.

Doctor Who


You never forget your first Doctor. And once you start watching Doctor Who, you can never go back. You find yourself at a comic con, taking pictures with a Tardis and going to Doctor Who panels.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.30.39 PM

There you have it. So, what did I miss?