I recently took up knitting.


My friend has pinned stuff on Pinterest about knitting and so when a local yarn store gave away free knitting classes with the purchase of supplies, we dove in.

First was the scarf. Now the fingerless gloves. I’m feeling PRETTY awesome about my skill.

That is, until I realized something.

I’m becoming a cat lady.

I was sitting at home on Sunday, knitting away on my gloves. I was watching Nikita on Netflix (my other options were a Christmas movie or How to Marry a Millionaire. I think I chose wisely). I stopped at the end of my row** and realized that I am becoming a cat lady.

It’s been four months since I got my own apartment. No more roommates. The most exciting thing I can do on a Sunday evening is watch Netflix and knit.

All I need is about five cats and I’m set.

This is my problem with me. I love learning new things. I love to relax at home. I’ve crocheted for a long time. However, I think I’ve swung too far in one direction. I really need to start getting out more.

**One of the first five rules of knitting: You must stop at the end of the row when you’re knitting with circular needles. Otherwise you could do something stupid like knit in the wrong direction (speaking from experience).