I started binge-watching Queer Eye on Netflix.

I rarely binge watch.

That’s not a lie. I think it’s only one time I’ve seen the dreaded “Are you still watching?” Message.

[source: gomn.com]

My co-worker asked me on Monday if I had watched Queer Eye. I told her it was on my list. I recently finished The Office and was prepared to take on a new show. I had been introduced to Jonathan during the Olympics because he’s a fan of figure skating, LIKE ME.

So the minute she said “I need you to watch this show so I can discuss it with someone,” I was ready. This was my calling.

Tuesday morning during my workout, I put on episode 1. Thursday night, I had completed season 1.

Here are the thoughts I had run through my mind while watching various episodes:

Karamo is hot.

There is something so attractive when he comes on SOLELY to talk about confidence. His pep talks make me feel good.

Tan needs to dress me. I’ll even take the suede boots.

Did anyone else notice that he bought suede boots for EVERY man? Is that a thing? I’m not fashion-forward so I’m asking for a friend.

Not going to lie. My friend told me he lives near Salt Lake City. I’m partially interested in stalking him and making him my friend. But I don’t think that is the best course of action.

Jonathan is my spirit animal.

I know I can’t be as fierce as Jonathan, I think he’s my spirit animal. If I could let go and do anything, I’d want to live my life like Jonathan.

Or have him as my best friend.

I love the serious talks.

Karamo and the cop talking about the racial tension in the United States today.

Bobby and the Christian guy talking about religion and homosexuality.

These are tough issues. And the show doesn’t shy away from it. It embraces it. And does it in a way that is caring and classy. I felt nervous for a second, but I felt that these were positive conversations. And I wish we saw more people having those conversations.

How can I get the Fab Five to come to my house?

I finished the final episode and seriously began thinking that I really need them to come to my house. I’m not a disaster by any means. But I’d love to have them come by and be friends and give me some help and a pep talk.

What else could a girl want?