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Christmas Movies To Watch Every December

Last year I posted my ultimate Christmas mix of the important songs to listen to during the holiday season. This year, I figured I’d give you the list of movies that I always watch during this time of year —usually with some hot chocolate and sometimes with friends. 

Ultimate Christmas Mix CD

Siri told me a couple of days ago that it is twenty-nine days until Christmas. Even though Thanksgiving hadn’t yet arrived, it seemed right that I started spreading the good cheer with 1) putting my Christmas tree up and 2) replacing my regular music with my Christmas selection. As such, I decided it’s important to have the right mix of Christmas…

Homeless for the Holidays

Being in a rather large family and being the youngest has its’ perks. My siblings have vacation homes and plenty of toys that I now get to enjoy without having spending money. (I’ve flown a drone. Not many people get to say that!) Because I’ve now reached the lofty age of 31, I’m more trustworthy to watch the kids and…