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Review: Supergirl TV Pilot (2015)

Review: Supergirl TV Pilot (2015)

I watched the pirated pilot of Supergirl (2015) this weekend. I’m sure you have one of two questions: 1) how can I live with myself after doing something so despicable or 2) how did I get a copy? The answers to these questions are not part of this blog post (and I will never reveal my sources).

Archie and the Gang are Coming to TV in Riverdale

There are some things about my youth that I’m still not willing to admit in any public forum—like my musical tastes. But I will admit that I spent plenty of my allowance on Archie Comics. I loved Archie. And Betty. Veronica wasn’t my favorite, but I still read the comics. In fact, I still think that one day, when I’m married,…

My Current TV Shows Part 3: Wednesday- Saturday

I know you enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. So, we’re going to finish out the week with the other TV shows that I watch. Wednesday. The middle of the week. Sometimes it’s kind of awful. But for me, it might be the best night of television shows. Followed by Thursday.

My Current List of TV Shows Part 1: Sunday

Confession: I don’t have cable at my house. Well, technically we do, but because I don’t have a box and I live in the basement apartment, we don’t get any reception. But we still have Internet so I’ve been downloading streaming episodes of my TV shows and either watching through my Apple TV or uploading to my iPad for my gym…