The big news around town is that Gilmore Girls is finally appearing on Netflix starting on October 1st. As a Gilmore Girls aficionado (or so Quizup tells me), I feel it is my duty to tell you how to prepare for this life-altering moment that will happen in 14 days.

Step 1: Call your friends

Seriously, you will have at least one friend who knows and loves Lorelai and Rory. And you’ll have another friend who needs to love Rory or Lorelai. So pick up your phone and call or text them to discuss a binge watching night. Yes, I said call and invite them over. Or plan to be on the phone while you watch episodes. Kind of like when this happened:

Step 2: Acquire junk food

Gilmore Girls and Junk Food

This is essential to ANY watching of the Gilmore Girls.¬†They eat junk food and you must eat junk food. It’s somewhat illogical in the real world, but a completely legitimate rule in Lorelai and Rory’s world. So order the pizza, the soda, the gummy bears, and the chocolate and bring on the stretchy pajama pants (because you’re going to need it).

Note: It might be best to also sign up for the gym during season 6 or 7 so that you can start working off the weight that you gained from eating copious amounts of the aforementioned food.

Step 3: Enjoy.

Seriously. I discovered Gilmore Girls when it was in its last season. High school and college got in the way of doing a lot of TV watching. But it has become a yearly event after I purchased the entire series in a special packaging full of a booklet of Gilmore-isms. And when I find a new friend who loves Gilmore Girls, I immediately find a soul friend. I also get great dating moments:


Good luck. I hope you’re ready and you enjoy this new chapter in your life..