I grew up with a gazillion brothers.

Okay, maybe there were only 6. But they were all older and outnumbered my sister and I.

This means I know what a route is in football, but I have yet to figure out how to put on make-up properly or do my hair.

For my birthday, my friends surprised me with a makeover at Sephora.

And this is pretty much how I felt:

I finally got to ask someone questions that I felt stupid asking my friends like:

  • What color eye shadow can I wear?
  • What type of foundation is good?
  • How do I put all of this on so I don’t look like a Halloween costume gone wrong?

Pinterest and Google are normally my 2 best sources for getting information. They have failed me miserably in this area (or have provided me with instructions that turn disastrous).


But Hannah at Sephora was kind enough to walk me through all the steps. And even tell me what I could use that I already owned (which saved me a bit of money and I’m pretty sure helped solidify some other sales, but still—it was nice of her).



So I was primped. I was taught all the tricks:

  • Copper gold looks fantastic for blue eyes
  • How to use both liquid and powder foundation
  • I don’t have to pluck my eyebrows (HALLELUJAH! Seriously… It’s the worst thing ever.)

And I’ve been able to recreate the look at least twice since then. I take that as a win.