keep-calm-its-your-31st-birthday-pToday is my 31st birthday.

I’m no longer fit for any of the “30 special people under 30” lists. I’m pretty sure it means I’m a bona fide adult now. This also means that I have to return to the family ward after 13 years in a singles ward. 

So on Sunday I dressed up and decided that since I had no responsibilities in the singles ward, I would venture to the family ward. It was awkward at first and difficult to find an open seat. I finally found an open pew. A man and his kid say next to me with his wife and baby scooting in a little before the meeting started.

Things went just like they always do—announcements, hymns, etc—unfortunately, I was almost not passed the sacrament. Apparently the family forgot me at the end of the pew. Also, I saw a guy from the singles ward who I was hoping to never see again. He was there. I’m pretty sure he didn’t see me, either that or I’ve lost so much weight that I’m unrecognizable.

Other than that, I was a big celebrity in Relief Society since I’m the new girl. And I successfully survived and made a couple of friends during church. And I’m kind of excited to go back. No more dreading church the next week.

We’ll see how long it takes for me to slide under the bishopric‘s radar….