About 10 months ago, I decided I needed to grow out my hair. I figured that since I know better how to style it than I did three years ago when I chopped it off, it would be better. I could start braiding it or putting it in buns and it would look cute.

However, even though I love doing it and having hair to play with it, I’m starting to learn that there are drawbacks to having long hair.

1. Dealing with hair everywhere.

Long hair shedding

It doesn’t matter how often I clean, it seems like there is hair absolutely EVERYWHERE. All the time. It’s so annoying. I’ve had to stop wearing dark clothes because my blond hair is so apparent on anything darker than white.

2. You must get a trim every 6-8 weeks.

long hair cut

I used to think that was a joke. I literally went 6 months without a cut. There was even a 10 month period where I didn’t get a cut except for a small trim using little kid scissors (it’s a long story). But when your hair goes without a cut for more than 6 weeks when it’s long, it starts to get nasty and dry. There are things called split ends. And it’s really the worst.

3. It takes forever to brush your hair.


And you must brush it because you now have so many tangles and knots. TANGLES! I haven’t had tangles since I was a child. And now, with long hair, I have them ALL THE TIME.

4. Blow Drying hair


When I had short hair, I could count on it taking 15 minutes to blow dry my hair and style it. Now, I’ve got to set aside 30 minutes at least. And even then, there is no guarantee that it will be done.

5. Wanting it to Grow Faster



I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read to make my hair grow faster. Literally, it takes FOREVER! And just when you think it’s starting to get to the right length, you try a hairstyle and realize you need another two inches.

I’m just so over it, I may even just chop it all off.


Which is a lie. I won’t be chopping it off.

Especially since men love women with long hair.

Girls with Long Hair