Spring and summer is upon us. With the opening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier last month, we are back in the summer superhero movies. I love a good superhero movie. There are so many messages and lessons that we can take away from the movies.


I just spent a week re-watching Iron Man, Man of Steel, and Thor and here are a few things that I think we can take away to help us be more creative:

1. A team of awesome people is imperative for your continual success.

It is essential to have a good team. Batman only succeeds with Robin. Captain America has his team (including some really hot looking men). The Avengers team together and it’s when they start working together that they actually see success. Yep. A team is required for your survival. One of my young women leaders had a favorite quote “No man is an island.” And that’s what we learn. No one can do things on their own. We all need each other.


When it comes to being creative, it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off or to simply have a cheerleader in your corner. No sense finding people who tell you that it’s not worth it. Have some pride.

2. Keep pushing your limits.

Man of Steel - Limits

Perhaps this was my favorite line from Man of Steel. It’s the part where Clark is trying to fly and has difficulty. His father’s voice comes to him and advises him to “Keep pushing your limits”. How often do we find ourselves at an impossible point and we decide that we can’t go any farther? We put limitations on ourselves. Successful superheroes may know their limitations but they always push through and that’s one of the reasons they become heroes.

Our creativity is only limited by our own boundaries. A child can imagine themselves to be anything until someone says that he or she can’t. Don’t listen to those limitations.

3. Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Funny how that happens, right? Just when you think you’re awesome and amazing, you get a bad critique or someone doesn’t like your work. These humbling experiences can do a lot of good for you. Just like they did for these superheroes (especially Tony Stark). They had 2 choices—quit or move forward. So what’s your choice?

4. Get an Awesome Soundtrack

No further explanation required. Find your soundtrack. Love it.

5. Find Your Equal as a Partner


I know… what does this have to do with creativity. Everything. EVERYTHING. It was only because Pepper allowed it that Tony could work on his inventions. It’s only because Peggy Carter saw good in Steve Rogers that Captain America became pretty awesome. And… well, we’re not going to talk about Jane and Thor. But having that support system in that person that you can be honest with is so important.

6. Have Fun

You must learn to have fun. That’s when you can be creative and enjoy your time. Even the Avengers got in some good jokes between saving the world. You can too.