I’m a sucker for a cheesy Hallmark movie. Sometimes on a Saturday night, I just pray that there’s either a repeat of a Hallmark movie or a new one just so I have something to watch and enjoy.

And maybe sometimes I watch them and don’t recommend them for Bad Movie Nights… because I kind of just want the romance in my life.

When you want to watch some movies this weekend, here’s my guide to some of the best Hallmark movies:

1. Magic of Ordinary Days

A young woman is pregnant and her father arranges a marriage with a farmer in the middle of nowhere. They come to love each other and have a family together. Yep. Pretty much the perfect recipe for a great movie (and it’s also a book. I have yet to read it… there are so many other books to read).

2. Loving Leah


I can’t find the trailer for this on YouTube, but it’s one that I purchased. So, orthodox Jew meets brother-in-law at the funeral of her husband. Brother-in-law must marry her as she is a widow without child. So he does. And they fall in love. And he’s beautiful, right? Enough reason to watch.

3. In Love and War

I recently just introduced a couple of friends to this. First off, Callum Blue? Prince Andrew from Princess Diaries 2? He was cute… but wait until you see him as an English soldier trying to escape the Nazis in Italy. He learns to walk and talk like an Italian (and looks so dreamy while doing so). Bonus points for being based on a true story.


4. A Boyfriend for Christmas

Honestly, did you think we’d get away with not having a Christmas movie in this?


A boyfriend for Christmas. Who didn’t wish for a boyfriend from Santa? This movie says that yes, Santa does deliver on his promises. And it’s filmed in Salt Lake City? We like when we recognize Temple Square.

5. Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler


Again, with the true story. We love true stories. We love when good triumphs over evil in the end? And stories of heroics? Even better. This a love story in the essence that a Christian woman took it upon herself to save as many Jewish children as she could. And she succeeded.

6. Princess for Christmas

And another Christmas movie! Although it was originally made in England, it’s still a cute movie (although the washer in the opening scene? Yeah… totally a dead give away for those who are familiar with the European way of doing laundry. But the guy is cute.

8. When Calls the Heart

Okay… I picked this one because I’m in love with Stephen Amell. So… just be aware that he will most likely make another appearance. But who doesn’t love a good western with a hot guy? Sign me up for those pretty blue eyes.

9. La Femme Musketeer

This was one of the ORIGINAL Hallmark movies. The classic Three Musketeers story is given a bit of a twist… with D’Artagnan having a daughter. And she decides to help save the King! Who doesn’t love a good girl kicking butt story?

10. Love Comes Softly Series


Yes, I own the entire series. And I love it. First of all, they picked some really good-looking men. Secondly, who doesn’t love these stories? Marriage of convenience. Childhood love blossoms into something else. Widow finds true love. Girl meets guy and finds true love. Widow finds another hot guy willing to date her? Basically, they’re all wins.

Maybe it’s best to make it a Hallmark movie marathon weekend. Just saying!