With grad school now being behind me, I’ve had to turn my attention to more important things. Like finding a new place to live. I have a roommate, but that decision was based on the need to subsidize my rent while I paid for school. I now can afford my own place. However, the question then became: do I rent or buy?

Buying a house sounds ridiculous scary. BECAUSE IT IS! For a girl who is terrified of change and big life decisions, buying a house seems like a REALLY big deal. It means commitment. I decided as a 31-year-old, I should probably at least consider the idea of buying. Going to look at places did not in any way commit me to this path. So I started looking and considering how much I could spend.

buy house

I browsed and found a place I wanted to look at. My friend recommended an agent and I gave him my range and the area I was looking at. He set me up on this website that sends me emails on new homes that pop up in my range. When a home appeared that I was interested in, I made a call and we’d go look at it.

When I found a place I wanted to buy, that’s when panic started to set in. I had to contact a lender, fill out an application, provide¬†certificates and proof of everything. I realized that I was now dealing with a lot of money. I had to have regular calls with my dad to be assured that this was all part of the process and that I needed to go through it eventually.

Once approved, I had already missed out on the place I wanted, but now I have the world opened up to me. Thank goodness I’m out of debt. However, I still toddle back and forth between buying and renting. I think now I’m leaning towards renting, but that’s only because I hate the commitment and I can’t seem to find a place that I really like for the price I want.

Luckily, my older, somewhat more successful, but slightly less educated brother reminded me that I don’t have to rush anything and that I don’t actually have to buy a house to be a grown up. I’m kind of already am one.