I’m a California girl through and through.


No, we don’t say “Cali”. I can’t remember where I first heard that phrase, but it definitely wasn’t in California.

When I came to Utah for college, I got sick every three months. It was my body telling me that:

  • I needed to breathe in the ocean air and have sand run through my toes.
  • I needed to go visit the local donut shop in my hometown, the one that everybody visited.
  • I needed to lay next to my parents’ pool for an hour or two and work on my tan.

Luckily, about every three months, this was possible. I found reasons to go home and my parents kindly funded those reasons.

Things have changed since those days. I’m now in Utah on a more permanent basis with a good job that provides me with a lot of money. This also means that I have to be a grown up and I can’t just fly back to California every three months. Well, I could, but then I wouldn’t be able to fly to New York, Boston, or England with only a month’s notice.

I’m sad to report that I have acclimated. I now can last about six months, instead of three.

I still feel landlocked. I look to the west and hope to see nothing but a body of water that meets the horizon. But I’ve come to appreciate the mountains to the east and how majestic they look in the early morning light.

I miss water. I have yet to go to the Salt Lake, but Utah Lake isn’t that great. Bear Lake is worth the drive. But these are nothing compared to the soft sand between my toes, palm trees swaying, and a perfect sunset. I guess I’ll just keep dreaming of the day I return to California permanently.