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Dream Wedding

This last weekend, one of my friends got married. She’s promised to write a blog post about her story. It was lovely to view the wedding of my friend and to participate with her family. The night before I spent watching “Say Yes to the Dress” with my other friend. Of course these two events got me thinking about my…


Today is my 31st birthday. I’m no longer fit for any of the “30 special people under 30” lists. I’m pretty sure it means I’m a bona fide adult now. This also means that I have to return to the family ward after 13 years in a singles ward. 

What’s In a Nickname?

I’ve never been a person to have a nicknames. My family didn’t have nicknames growing up. Maybe for like a minute, one of my brothers called me “Yo-yo” (somehow derived from any child’s lack of ability to say “Laurel”). A couple of years ago, most of my friends had some nickname and so I wanted one. The option was “Andi”…