This last weekend, one of my friends got married.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 3.00.40 PM

She’s promised to write a blog post about her story.

It was lovely to view the wedding of my friend and to participate with her family. The night before I spent watching “Say Yes to the Dress” with my other friend. Of course these two events got me thinking about my hopefully-future wedding. I have the Pinterest board all set up and regularly add a couple of pins. As one of my friends once told me: “If your wedding is anything like your Pinterest board, it’s going to be amazing.”

As I get older, the frills and sparkles have lessened. But I have a few ideas about how my wedding will go.

1. There will be a reception.

But I want it to be simple and fun. No big dinners. More of a relaxed atmosphere. And there will be a line. Maybe of just my husband and myself. And dancing will be spontaneous. I hate dancing. Ha ha.

2. My dress will be simple and have lace.

Ever since I lived in Spain, I’ve become obsessed with Spanish lace. I want something important to my past to go with me into the future. Which leads to…

3. I will wear my mother’s black pearl necklace.

It seems silly and I haven’t told her this, but that’s what I want. She bought pearl necklaces for my sister and myself when they went to the Caribbean. I got the regular pearl necklace and my sister got the black pearl. My mother has a black pearl necklace and I would love to borrow it and add a little color to my outfit.

4. I really hope that my Mr. will be okay with a TARDIS cake topper.


I’m a nerd and I will probably marry a nerd. And come on… this is awesome!

5. Social media will be prevalent.

I could say something about how it’s just how things are, but it’s not just that. I work in social media so there will be elements like a wedding hashtag, or an infographic of our story at each table, or for them to read while they wait in line. Because everyone wants to know the story.

But in the end, I really just feel like someone should send me this: