About a year ago, my sister-in-law told me about Blue Apron and suggested that I should try it out.

I recognize that I don’t cook very often. I thought this might get me back into the habit.

I tried it for a month and discovered that most of the recipes were far out of my league. In fact, of all the recipes I tried (and I got three per week) the only one I kept was Spiced Chicken and Honeynut Squash Tostadas.

Spiced Chicken and Honeynut Squash Tostadas

It was delicious. Except I haven’t been able to find honeynut squash in my location (Salt Lake City) so I’ve had to use butternut squash. And it takes 40 minutes to make the recipe. With my schedule, that’s quite a bit of time.

I ended up cancelling Blue Apron when one week I didn’t make any of the recipes and just threw everything out.

In August, I was looking to get back into doing some cooking because I was coping with my recent breakup. My coping mechanism was eating, I might as well put that energy towards new recipes rather than eating cookie dough and ice cream while crying into both.

But I couldn’t go back to Blue Apron.

I tried Home Chef.

I’m pleasantly pleased with it. Sure, I’m going weeks without ordering anything, but I’m keeping the recipes and I’ve actually made one of the recipes a second time. They’re fast and I feel like the recipes are doable for me. I’m excited about them.

Here are just a few of the recipes I’ve tried (and LOVED!):

Hot Honey Salmon with Zucchini and Tomatoes

Home Chef Hot Honey Salmon

This is the recipe I made a second time. And I’ve made the vegetable side dish more than once. I love salmon and the glaze is just delicious.

But I think it’s the rub on the vegetables that makes this my favorite dish. Sweet Basil, Citrus, and Garlic Rub. I ordered it online because it was just so good.

Everything about this meal was my favorite. I would definitely make this again and again!

Avocado and Tofu Sushi Bowl

home chef avocado and tofu sushi bowl

I was skeptical going into this one. I mean… tofu doesn’t exactly elicit good emotions.

But I tried it and loved it. It’s all the fixings that would be in sushi but in a bowl! I’m okay with this! It tasted delicious and seemed healthy.

I now stock tofu in my fridge, just in case.

Chicken with Parmesan Cream

home chef chicken with parmesan cream

You really can’t go wrong with cream and cheese and chicken. But this recipe was my favorite to put together.

The flavors were incredible, the salad was do-able and it did not take me long. I call that a win.

I tried making this a second time and although the results weren’t favorable, I think it’s because I rushed the sauce. You should never rush the sauce (I think that’s like rule #18 of cooking and if it’s not, it should be.)

Ranch Chicken Quesadillas

home chef ranch chicken quesadillas

I’m a sucker for a quesadilla.

When I was out with my friend to a Mexican restaurant, she ordered tacos and I ordered a quesadilla. She laughed. “What are you doing ordering a quesadilla? Couldn’t you get a burrito or something?”

The answer is no. Because I’m like a 5-year-old and love me a quesadilla.

And this one was so good! The ranch seasoning on the chicken! The cheese! And the corn salsa. As soon as you read it, you knew (as well as I did) that you can’t go wrong with this recipe, right?

Despite what you might think… this blog post was NOT sponsored by Home Chef. THERE ARE NO AFFILIATE LINKS IN THIS. I WAS NOT PAID TO DO THIS BLOG POST. 

As if anyone reads this blog anyway.