As someone once said, “There’s always a reason to have a mixtape.”

Okay, it was Rob Sheffield from one of the first books I read when I started to get back into reading. (By the way it’s a fantastic book. Everyone should read it.)

I’ve shared an old mixtape before, though I suppose that I should be calling it a playlist.

Anyways, here are the classic summer of 2016 songs that I will be rocking out to as I drive around Salt Lake City this year:


Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop This Feeling

I was so excited when Justin announced this on Instagram. And every since that first moment I heard his soulful voice singing about sunshine in my pocket and good soul in my feet, I was sold. Also, I remembered why I loved him back from the MMC days.

Rob Thomas – Hold On Forever

I was obsessed with this last year, but it’s still a great summer song.

Meghan Trainor – Better When I’m Dancing

And yet another song from 2015, but while it was released in November, I started digging it recently. It’s got a fun beat and I sure love dancing around my apartment to this music.

Ben Rector – Brand New

My spin class instructor played this and oh man, I knew I was in love. There’s something about the beat and the lyrics that make me just happy to be out in the sunshine. Maybe I’m a bit of a faster runner when this song comes on, but I just love it.

The Band Perry – Live Forever

I have realized that I’m not going to live forever (I’ve grown out of that mindset). But there are definitely times I want to feel like I am more invincible than I am and have that drive to do something big and an amazing again. And right now that’s training for a really hard half-marathon (cue the sobs….)

Shakira – Try Everything

I finally went and saw Zootopia. It was perfect. And I loved the song by Shakira. I sure have missed listening to her in Spanish, but this is a great song to shake my hips to!

So I want to hear from you—what songs should I be listening to this summer?