We’re only a few days away from the end of 2014. It’s almost been a year since I’ve launched this blog. At first it was “A Girl and a Cup of Cocoa” and now I’m official: Laurel Teuscher. Bought my domain and everything.

Thanks, everyone, who has been sticking around while I try to find my voice and what I want to say here. Or even when I go silent and don’t post anything for awhile. (I really have to get back to scheduling). Anyways, based on the stats, here are the five posts that brought you here this year:


Movie Review: A Winter’s Tale (AKA… Redbox if you must see it)

I’m a little surprised. Maybe because I wrote this after if just came out. I guess this means I need to do more movie reviews. I just haven’t gone to see any movies lately. I’ve been a homebody.

Best Hallmark Movies

I’m pretty pleased that you liked this post. Although now I discover that some of the videos were taken off of YouTube. Bummer. I sure do miss having Hallmark Channel and cable during the Christmas season. But I’ve recently watched a couple of new holiday movies and they’ve gotten me in the mood.


I link to this a lot, but I worked really hard on my about page. I wanted you to get a sense of who I really am and I hope this “About me” page answered most of the questions you probably had.


In Need of Change

This has to be one of the most personal posts I’ve written. So I’m really glad that it made to the top 5. I still believe that change needs to happen in my life. I’m a restless soul as of late, so I need to do something. In the meantime, I’m happy to try and just be content right now.

Thanks for a great 2014! I’ll be back in 2015 with more consistent posting (I hope) and hopefully big news!