Let’s be honest though—there are two sides to EVERY coin.


Recently, a work colleague’s wife had their fourth child. He complained about the lack of sleep to me via email. I wrote:

And reason #200 why being single is awesome…. Full nights rest. Reason #500 why being single sucks: nice guys who text you after one date at 7 in the morning wondering how you slept.

It’s a no-win game.

Kind of true. I love getting my full night of rest. I don’t love having to respond to a text at 7 in the morning from someone I just met.

I also really don’t like having to decide exactly how long in between messages I have to wait until I can write him back so that I don’t seem desperate. But I do love being able to watch a TV show or movie in my house without interruption.

I love being able to get dressed at 9pm and head to a friend’s house for a night out and not be home until 1am (this is a rare occurrence these days, but it does happen). I also love that on the morning after such adventures I get to sleep in. I don’t love when a guy gets mad because I don’t respond to his text on a Friday night and he calls me a “tease” (story to come soon on this, don’t worry).

I realize that love can be a game, but if it is, I’m wondering who exactly is winning here.

For now, I’ll enjoy my gym trips, my late nights out, and laugh at the stupidity of guys and the crazy stories I’m collecting.