We’re now a week into 2015 and I’ve been thinking about my goals and what I want to accomplish during this year. Obviously I have plenty of life goals, but trying to fit them all into one year is daunting. I try to select just a few that I know I can make happen.


I’m excited about 2015. It’s the first year in four years that I won’t be in school for my masters. I have the freedom and time to do so many things. So here’s what I want to accomplish:


Create. I want to start creating new things or helping others to create something. I don’t want to confine myself to a specific project since I love knitting and writing and wood crafting and cooking. I just want to finish projects and beautiful something whether it’s my home, my work, or my life. I also want to use my talents to help someone else out. I spend so much time thinking of me—I want to change that.


Explore. I’ve always been nervous to take trips. First, I didn’t have a lot of income. Then, I had school. Now with plenty of free time and some savings, I feel like I need to explore and have adventures. I don’t know where those adventures will take me, or whether they’ll be momentary or life-changing, but I’d just like to lose sight of the shore for a minute and see what I can do.


Love. As a single girl, I tend to close my heart. I’ve been hurt a fair number of times and I don’t like it. (Who really does?) Over the past few years, I’ve kept my distance from people (romantic and non-romantic) because I don’t want to lose them or have to replace them. This year I want to get back to sharing love and allowing others to love me. It’s really the only way to live.

What are you looking to do in 2015?